Artbreak Gallery is proud to present  Israel Lioness Smith in her fist exhibition in New York City 

Israel is an artist who works with her heart and finds beauty in the little things.  She pulls threads of inspiration from her loved ones, nature and the animal kingdom and weaves them together through an array of mixed media. 

She spent many years of her childhood traveling across the United States and has learned that beauty can be found everywhere and in everything. 

In her eyes, even the shadows can be beautiful if surrounded by the right kind of light. 

She longs and dreams to be able to help light up other people's darkness however she can. 

"I like taking something normal, and adding a twist in it that will make the world see it as something more than it otherwise would. Everything in this world is so beautifully different, and all of it deserves to be surrounded in beauty"  






Monica Schenini is a psychoanalyst and an artist. She resides and works in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina.

She calls the space where she produces her art “Between Patients”This defines the way she works; the significance of her art being the result and the echo of what  she listens in the intimacy of her therapy sessions.

“Psychoanalysis is a laborious path that leads us to the search of longing, of desire. And while we go through that road we find pieces of our history that we thought were lost. They connect us with the deepest emotions, with the world of passions, with our fears and our ghosts. I explore within my art trying to bring to a public space the intimacy of inner worlds. 

I want my paintings to provoke a response, a reaction. Showing my pieces to others breaks the everyday logic.

My art is a thought that joins with life itself, but with another, different language: more daily, more happy.”

  • Life weaves in silence; I feel the threads waving canvasses of strange colors; events I could only sense become closer...


“Me rompiste el corazón” acrylics on canvas, 39inch x 39inch


“Proceso de Liberación 2” acrylic on canvas, 36inch x 24inch


“Be Happy” acrylic on canvas, 39inch x 39inch


by Albin Wiberg

The Carlton Arms’ Artbreak gallery is excited to present "Fair Play"  an exhibition of new work by Swedish artist Albin Wiberg.

 In his first solo show in New York City the artist is exhibiting a series of mixed media works on board, inspired by textures and traces of life found on NYC sidewalks.


April 13 – April 19, 2018, open daily, noon – 6pm or by appointment.

Opening reception: Thursday, April 12, 6pm-9pm


Whilst on residency at the Carlton Arms Hotel in the summer of 2017, Malmö based Wiberg reflected on his fascination with the sidewalk, a surface familiar to everyone. He is equally intrigued by its materiality, its roughness and abrasive quality, as he is with its social significance: The sidewalk doesn’t discriminate – it is walked upon by all, regardless of status, race, wealth, gender or sexuality. It treats everyone equally.

Sidewalks are the veins and arteries of a city – their cracks and markings contain symbols and stories. A city so diverse and rich in extremes as NYC, presents a full spectrum of traces linking to people’s memories and personal narratives. As the city’s concrete skin, it separates its inhabitants from the earth and its nurturing qualities. It is both barrier and protector, a membrane that distances us from the fertile ground yet provides the only space to exist for some. It is as much a keeper of histories, as it is a reservoir of potentials, of beginnings and endings.

Wiberg uses non traditional and found materials. He appropriates building materials such as sanding paper, paint and plaster and playfully re-interprets what his impressions of found urban textures represent to him.

Albin Wiberg has had solo shows in Järnet, Malmö, Stockholm and Budapest and exhibited in group shows in New York, Budapest and Trinidad. He is elected member of Konstnärscentrum Syd and the Swedish artists organization (KRO).



The Carlton Arms Art Project and Artbreak Gallery

The Artbreak Hotel's gallery was created to continue and expand a magnificent artistic heritage and is a tribute to the expansion of the Carlton Arms Hotel  original vision and its thirty years patronage of artists .

Described as a 'live-in museum' by People Magazine, the Carlton Arms Hotel (aka Artbreak Hotel) through its Carlton Arms Art Project, has become a vibrant permanent exhibition of art, with every room and every inch of space covered with the incredible colorful work of talented artists. 

Artbreak Gallery provides the opportunity and the means for artists to exhibit their work in New York City  and  to benefit from this heritage.

"A window  in New York  for artists  from all over the world" 


Past Exhibits & Events




15th to 19th of March 2018 

12 - 6 pm

The Carlton Arms’ Artbreak gallery is excited to present "Fields" an exhibition of new work by Marijke Brinkhof in her first solo show in New York City

Marijke, is an artist and set designer from Rotterdam (The Netherlands) who has created an immersive environment using drawings and textures in a mixed media installation that deals with her transformed sense of balance and space:

I am fascinated by movement and sound: the way I feel when my surroundings move and the way I can move with them inside, whilst remaining still. Music is not that interesting for me anymore, but sounds like birdsong or rain make me feel connected with the ground and the vastness above.” 

She studied stage design in Tilburg (NL) and art direction at the International Filmschool Cologne (Germany) and co-operated in numerous film and theatre productions in the past 20 years.

She participated in several shows in The Netherlands and Germany and designed room 14B, ‘In Rainbows’, at The Carlton Arms Hotel in 2015. 

"Fields" is an unique mixed media installation also featuring an ambient soundscape by artist Alex Wolkowicz. 

Opening:  Thursday 15th of March 2018 from 6 to 9 pm (along  with "Black and Blue" an event produced by The Carlton Arms Art Project )




Paintings by Paule Darmon

June 22nd - July 3rd 2017

Opening reception  Thurs 22nd 6-9 

From Buenos Aires, Argentina,  where she lives and works, French artist Paule Darmon presents a full collection of her ethereal beautiful inspired "sky and water" oil paintings series in her first solo show in New York City. 


HYBRID by Heather Gabel

May 27 – June 3, 2017, open daily, noon – 6pm or by appointment.

Opening reception: May 27, 6pm-9pm

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